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Why Issue On-Chain Bonds?

Issuing on-chain bonds presents a unique opportunity for both entities and individuals seeking a simple yet effective way to raise capital. This method stands out for its straightforward process, offering a clear alternative to the intricacies of other financing methods. It allows issuers to reach a wider pool of investors, tapping into a market eager for stable and predictable investment options. By choosing to issue on-chain bonds, you open the door to hassle-free capital generation, providing a win-win for both issuers and investors looking for clarity and opportunity in the financial landscape.

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Issuing Bonds

This is the first step where the bond is created and offered to the market. The issuer sets the terms including the bond’s total amount, interest rate, and maturity period, officially initiating the bond offering

Bond Acquisition

In this phase, investors acquire the bonds by paying the issuer the bond price. This process mobilizes funds for the issuer, while investors receive a financial instrument promising future returns

Bond Growth Phase

During this phase, the bond is held by the investors. Over this period, the bond accrues interest at the predetermined rate. It is a time of growth for the investment, leading up to its maturity date

Bond Redemption

The bondholder, now with the bond represented as an NFT, presents it to redeem their investment. Upon redemption, the total return is transferred to the bondholder. This marks the successful conclusion of the bond contract, fulfilling the investment cycle

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